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We help you get admitted to the best foreign universities.

Prep Courses

We offer IELTS/GRE/GERMAN courses.

Visa Consultation

We provide assistance through the visa application process.

Education Loans

We provide assistance through the loan application process.

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Why Choose Us ?

High Acceptance Rate

95% of student applications through us are successful


Students are informed at each step to make the process transparent

Affordable Charges

Our consultation and assistance services are the most affordable

A to Z Solution

One-stop solution to all your overseas education requirements

24/7 Support

We provide constant support to our students all 7 days a week

750+ Universities

Get admissions to 750+ Universities & Colleges all around the world

Studying Abroad can transform your future

The best advantage of studying abroad is that it can enhance your career by helping to improve skills such as language, communication, leadership and provides international exposure.

Aaban Usmani

StudAb`s Founder
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Book Free Consultation

Start your study abroad journey by booking the free profile evaluation.

Registration Fees Payment

Pay the registration fees to start the university & course selection process.

Admission Approval

Get an admission approval letter from the university and start the visa process.

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We make your study abroad dream come true

Planning to study abroad, but wondering how to start? StudAb, the best study abroad consultant in India, helps you to turn your plan into action. We do everything on your behalf from start to finish and get you admission approval letters from the selected universities. We also provide visa assistance. With over 10 years of experience, our team of expert counsellors guide students to find the right country, university and program as per their profile.


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Journey to dreams

Study Abroad Destinations

Journey to dreams

Study Abroad Destinations


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Test Prep Courses

German Language

Goethe Certification Course for A1, A2 & B1 .

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IELTS Preparation

Score 7+ band with our best online IELTS course.

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GRE Preparation

Get high scores in GRE with our best course.

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GMAT Preparation

Get Gold Standard online GMAT preparation course.

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