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StudAb is the best study abroad consultant

StudAb is a one-stop solution for students interested in studying abroad. The process starts with an expert counselling and understanding of the requirement, course selection, assistance in education loan, IELTS training, cell-phone SIM Cards and accommodation services for some countries.

Based in Mumbai, we serve students globally through our elite communication standards and an employee base in 3 countries. We provide affordable admission assistance to 750+ Universities, Colleges, and Schools round the globe. Our partnership with the Government of Canada-approved immigration consultants provides you an option to choose professional visa services, for a very decent fee.

StudAb Mission

To provide study abroad consultation services  to students at affordable charges , and protect them from malpractices in the study abroad industry; thereby helping them and their family realise dreams of successful foreign education followed by a successful career.

Studying Abroad can transform your future

The best advantage of studying abroad is that it can enhance your career by helping to improve skills such as language, communication, leadership and provides international exposure.

Aaban Usmani

StudAb`s Founder

What Students Say About StudAb

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